Proxxon Micromot MP 300 MICRO Shaper

Proxxon Micromot MP 300 MICRO Shaper

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PROXXON 27040 Thicknesser DH 40


Load bearing components are all made of die-cast aluminium, with milled seats for bearings and spindles

These characterics are essential for vibration-free, smooth thicknessing of soft and hard woods

Triple-spindled table (of die-cast aluminium, flat-milled) which can be accurately adjusted to 1/10mm by handwheel (zero adjustable)

Automatic even feed with anti-kickback device: The knurled, spring-mounted infeed roller transports even irregularly shaped work pieces

A rubber-coated outfeed roller prevents marking the newly planed surface

Precision planer block with two HSS planer blades

Technical Data:

220 - 240V. 200W. 50/60Hz

Thicknessing up to 40mm thick and up to 80mm wide

Maximum depth of cut 0.8mm

Cutter speed 6,000rpm

Feed rate 4.8m/min

Table length 232mm

Weight approx. 8kg